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Feelin’ Blue

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Hi guys, welcome to my first (!) blogpost. So exciting. From now on I will post a new article every week. And this is my first.

While we can’t avoid the word ‘winter’ now, these pictures were taken when fall was still there.

Normally I love to combine different colors when it comes to clothes. But every now and then I try something different and choose to wear every piece of my outfit in the same colour. And well, this time it worked out.

Also: I’m in love with my levi’s 501. My ultimate tip: go to your local vintage store and search for a levi’s 501. You will definitely find one, and it will look so good on you. Trust me 🙂


Shirt: HM

Belt: stolen from my mom, not sure from which brand it is. (sorry)

Jeans: Episode

Shoes: Fred de la Bretoniere (old ones, I couldn’t find similar ones.)


Thanks for reading my first (!) blogpost,

Talk to you soon.

Love Silke

Pictures by Tristan Fopma


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  1. Mairon Langhout schreef:

    Hey Silke,

    Your first blogpost.. Exciting.. Looks very good and I wish you lots of luck. Follow your dreams, love. You will succeed. For sure! Love you xxx

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