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Brunch Hotspot: Mook Pancakes

Hi guys,

Finally writing the first hotspot article for my blog.

Last week I was staying in Amsterdam and when me and my friend woke up the only thing we could think about was: pancakes!

So we went to the perfect spot for our cravings: Mook Pancakes.

A cute restaurant serving the most healthy (!) and delicious pancakes.

I really loved the atmosphere and interior, lots of white with green details.

We ordered one stack of pancakes to share with banana, walnuts, dates, coconut, honey and looooots of peanut butter. It was so good and even though we shared our portion we felt very satisfied.

Definetely a hotspot to visit when you’re in Amsterdam, go there!


Pants: Subdued

Shirt: Love stories (already sold out)

Coat: Zara







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  1. Hans schreef:

    Nice pictures!! X

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