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Fraser Island adventure

Hello everyone!
I just came back from the most amazing trip to Fraser Island.
Fraser Island is the largest sand island in the world, and is located along the eastern coast of Queensland, Australia. It is approximately 250 kilometres (160 mi) north of the state capital – Brisbane
I booked a 3 days/2nights trip to this sandy island. Luckily I’ve met the most amazing people and we had a wonderful time.
Today I’m sharing my experience with a photo diary of my Fraser adventure.





3 reacties op “Fraser Island adventure”

  1. Marion Langhout schreef:

    Nice pics Sil!

  2. Marion Langhout schreef:

    Nice pics Silke!

  3. Albert Schaafsma schreef:

    A once in a lifetime experience. No time to loose. Enjoy the miracles of this great small blue planet!

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